viernes, mayo 28, 2010

someday months ago

So i just downloaded all the music from the kooks , dont know really why; i dont like them that much,i dont think i even like them but there’s something weird about them, i mean they are pretty lame, arent they? i think they are just the brit version of the jhonnasbrothers ;bunch of cute indie boys with the tightest pants i’ve ever seen , comfiest cardigans ever, nice guitar tunes and pretty shitty lyrics about some teenager affair that ended up for some crappy fight or anyshit like that. but still ya want to say “fuck yeah they are Boss!” tho i find it a quite embarrising thing to say. Secretly (I)*might* like them but i dont wanna be uncool (JAJAJA). i think they just bring me the good days cuz otherwise if i want to listen to crappy english music i could just hear razorlight , lets face it they are pretty lame as well but it’s worse cuz they are older. I still havent figured out weather i love or hate Luke Pritchard, I still dont know why i ask myself this all the time!!! . It’s a pretty lame and disgustin question,and it only proves the sick groupie I am, but i’ve decided that from now on this will be the limbo ,THE QUESTION, the barometre to test any new people in my life. I remember long long  shy and coy acoustic sessions and then talks over ciggies ‘bout how stupid and arrogant that fucker was but whot a lovely hair he has. he does has a pretty motherfuckin hair, doesnt he? yeh cute hair but whot a cunt he is. *self absorved* and *I try to look like Bob Dylan and be bigger than Lennon but im hopin no one will tell cuz i write shit music for hipster under 18 years old* Still cant decide if i like him or not, probably yes, i have a weird almost psychotic taste in men. Wich is weird cuz i have a great relationship with my dad but Freud can go and fuckhimself i dont believe in his crazy theories,so i will not apply that in my life, so i have a proper taste in men,i s’pose (?), anyways it doesnt matter whot i think , he’s still get the girls, has an AWESOME guitar and gets the buzz, FUCK, I WANT THE GIRLS AND THE BUZZ, juat kiddin, i want the boys and the buzz. okey okey i would acept the guitar too; still if any of you could be here ya could ‘ear me sing  “i ‘erd ya knockin on my door, darlin 20 times or more” whot a fuckin brilliant song is that but just because it’s sounds like the police, YEH, YOU CAN’T TRICK ME PRITCHARD I KNOW WHOT YOU TRIED TO DO YOU LIL PRAT .The first cd is quite good anyways, the second sucks big time,still i feel embarrased bein singin now “Oh la” BUT its the glastonbury version so i think i  can say”im saved” so  now i know i wont go the hell for this. Oh my,oh my,whot a motherfuckin twat I am

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c o t e dijo...

:O volveras a usar el blog?

konstanza dijo...

si parece que si

Fio dijo...

Konst!! hace tanto que no sabía de vos! que alegría :)